Changing your Mind: The Bible, the Brain, and Spiritual Growth ( 2016 )

by Victor Copan , Language: English

This book takes you on a journey that unpacks and demystifies what spiritual growth is and how it unfolds. The aim is to set you on your own path toward genuine, personal spiritual transformation. The book provides all the tools you need–biblical, scientific, and practical–so that you can develop your own pathway for spiritual growth.What is unique about Victor Copan’s approach to spiritual growth is that he explores recent findings of brain research as well as scientific research on habit formation and brings them into conversation with the process of spiritual formation.

Research on the brain and on habit formation has uncovered significant insights about the process and dynamics of human transformation that can be fruitfully incorporated into our own pursuit of spiritual transformation. Tapping into this research allows us to work in concert with how God designed humans to function–body, soul, and spirit."Here’s a lovely book that makes it plain that no one has to stay stuck. No one has to say, ‘That’s me, like it or lump it.’ Copan’s blend of biblical theology and neurological science gives hope that God has hard-wired us for transformation. Changing Your Mind is a path to becoming more like Jesus."–Adele Calhoun, author of The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, Invitations from God, True You, and Women and Identity; copastor, Redeemer Community Church, Needham, MA"For thoughtful Christians, discoveries in neuroscience and psychology, at times, pose profound questions. Vic Copan demonstrates convincingly how our understanding of spirituality may be mutually enriched through inputs from the distinctive domains of Scripture, psychology, and neuroscience. A must-read for all eager to grow in their daily Christian walk and to have a secure base for the hope that is in them."–Malcolm Jeeves, former editor-in-chief, Neuropsychologia; past president, the Royal Society of Edinburgh"Some read a book because they know the author. Others read because they value the book’s content. In endorsing Dr. Vic Copan’s Changing Your Mind, I can write with strong feelings about both. Vic is a serious scholar and a seasoned servant. Changing Your Mind is a fantastic explanation of how the mind works, and how God can renew it just as the Apostle Paul described. It’s a powerful and helpful read. You’ll be caught after the first page."–E. Dale Locke, Founding/Lead Pastor, Community of Hope – A United Methodist CongregationVictor Copan is chair of the Ministry Leadership Studies Department as well as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is the author of Saint Paul as Spiritual Director (2001).
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دانلود کتاب زبان اصلی Ebook download (PDF) – ISBN : 1556358792

دانلود کتاب زبان اصلی Changing your Mind: The Bible, the Brain, and Spiritual Growth

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تعداد صفحه : 312 pages

زبان : English

ناشر و تاریخ نشر : Cascade Books – April 11, 2016

شابک ده : 1556358792

شابک سیزده : 9781556358791

قیمت آمازون ( صرفا جهت اطلاع ) : $28.60

سال نشر : ( 2016 )

حجم فایل : 678.29 KB

نوع فایل : EPUB

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