Principles of Free-style Wrestling for Children and Adolescents ( 1977 )

by Raĭko Petrov , Language: English

This book, which contains methodological instructions for training young people, is particularly valuable because it is written by a man who, by his theoretical knowledge and implementation of science in practical work, represents one of the founders of modern wrestling in Bulgaria and plays an outstanding role in international wrestling.I most sincerely hope that all the interested countries will benefit from this book to the advantage of their youth and progress of our favorite sport, wrestling.C

Contents:Preface.Early training in wrestling and peculiar characteristics of children and adolescents.Main features of the motor system.Main features of the respiratory and cardio-vascular system.Main features of nervous activities of superior order.Preparation for sports of children and adolescents.Educational activities of the sports pedagogue.Diversity in the process of physical preparation.Development of technical and tactical qualities in wrestlers.How to acquire and improve the technique and tactics of wrestling.The methodologycal approach.Rules of hygiene for young wrestler.Medical and self-control.Selection, organization and planning of theoretical work and training for children and adolescents.Planning of sport preparation.Operational planning.The tactics of wrestling.Technical means in wrestling.Joint actions of technical and tactical means.Tactical means.The tactical plan of the match.Tactical approach to the match.Technique of free-style wrestling in standing position.Technique of free-style wrestling on the ground.Simple tipe wrestling and exercises for the bridge.Bibliography.About the autor.

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دانلود کتاب زبان اصلی Ebook download (PDF) – ISBN : 8450017718

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تعداد صفحه : 155 pages
زبان : English
ناشر و تاریخ نشر : Santa Marta – 1977
شابک ده : 8450017718
شابک سیزده : 9788450017717
قیمت آمازون ( صرفا جهت اطلاع ) : N/A
سال نشر : ( 1977 )
حجم فایل : 39.32 MB
نوع فایل : PDF